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Travel-tourism news

Rlys Hike Concessions to Male Senior Citizens by 40%:;

Long-distance trains to have ‘odourless’ bio-toilets:;

Singapore Duty Never Ends: Statues of Sikh guards keep watch at a graveyard at Bukit Brown, one of Singapore’s oldest cemeteries…   … The Times of India, New Delhi, 12.9.2011.

ASI clears Malviya Nagar monument of squatters:;

Italian mummies preserved in mercury for 200 years:;

Winter Break: Brussels’ famous Manneken-Pis has stopped urinating because of the cold:;

Restoration of boat buried with pharaoh begins:;

No immediate refund for lost travellers cheques: Read more at:;

Shimla cemeteries to get facelift; Civic body makes it part of ambitious 70 crore city beautification plan; The times of India/Chandigarh-  21..11.2011.

After Heritage Walk, Pani Sarovar venture finds few takers:;

Pak Turns Dilip Kumar’s Ancestral Home Into Heritage Site:;

Da Vinci’s lost mural found ‘hidden’ on wall:

TSA Agents Will Let Grannies Keep Their Panties On, At Select Airports:

‘Women plan their travel better’- Study shows more women make bookings in advance as compared to men; The Times of India, March 11, 2012.

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