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“Biran ka Gumbad, New Delhi” by K.J.S.Chatrath

Those who know the modern day New Delhi, are aware of the busy Green Park market in the Green Park area, near Haus Khas.  I have been visiting Green Park since the last forty-years or so as my sister and brother-in-law stay there. I am ashamed to admit that for decades I never took notice of the old stone structures near the market. Subsequently I did notice those but never spared a few minutes to go near and visit those- till  early this month.


And I must compliment the Archeological Survey of India and the Delhi Administration which have so spruced up the area that one is tempted to go and explore it. The A.S.I have put up nice descriptive boards explaining briefly whatever little is known about ‘Biran ka Gumbad’.


The name of this 13 metres X 13 metres tomb, which literally means ‘the doomed building of the brother’, was propbably coined in jest to complement the ‘Dadi-Poti’ tombs nearby.



Its features locate it in the Lodi period (1451-1526), for instance the arched niches arranged in rows outside, which make it look likea multi storied tomb.



Like many other un-inscribed buildings in the area, one does not know much about its history. It is clearly a tomb, as inside there is a cenotaph.


Did you notice the pigeon?


This black and white photo tries to capture the age of the Gumbad.


There is a small well in the premises.


It has been restored quite neatly by the A.S.I.

  Photographs  and text by K.J.S.Chatrath. Text based on infromation from the A.S.I.

Copyright K.J.S.Chatrath

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