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“Ilulissat, Arctic Circle, Greenland-the most beautiful place I have visited (till now)” by K.J.S.Chatrath


Sketch of world map showing the location of Ilulissat.

Recently I visited Ilulissat in Greenland and found it to be the most beautiful place that I have travelled to (till now).  Formerly called Jacobshavn, Ilulissat  is a town  in western Greenland, located approximately 250 km north of the Arctic Circle. With a population of 4,546 as of 2010, it is the third largest town in Greenland. In direct translation, Ilulissat is the Kalaallisut word “Iceberg”.

Ilulissat is also known for the Ilulissat declaration. This Declaration was signed in June 2008 by the Arctic Ocean States: Canada, Denmark, Norway, Russia and United States, following the Arctic Oceans States Conference May 27-29, 2008, in Ilulissat. The declaration stresses commitment to the responsible management of the Arctic Ocean and that existing international legal frameworks such as the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and international fora such as the Arctic Council provide a foundation for strengthening cooperation.



Cute little airport









Well, that is me. The only problem that this this lovely place has is the presence of innumerable mosquitoes. When I first reached Ilulissat, I found people gesticulateing vigorously without saying a word. I was puzzled but as  I went nearer, I found that they were frantically trying to shoo away the mosquitoes.  I have experienced mosquitoes at other places in the arctic circle like Finland and Norway, but I never found such healthy and so many mosquitoes. Mercifully, I had been suitably briefed by Ms. Surekhi Datye of the Nonni travels (more about her in a subsequent post)  and I was fully prepared. This net, funny as it might look is extremely effective and I purchased it in Iceland- which too has its massive share of these mosquitoes. You do not believe me? Take a look.









You might have visited a more beautiful place on earth, but I have not. So please do tell me which acording to you is the prettiest place on this planet.

Photos, text and copyright K.J.S.Chatrath


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3 Responses to ““Ilulissat, Arctic Circle, Greenland-the most beautiful place I have visited (till now)” by K.J.S.Chatrath”

  1. Madhukar says:

    The mosquitos intrigued me. I wonder how they survive in the cold of Greenland. Our Indian varieties, definitely more deadly, lie low in the cold weather.
    Must be interesting for the Greenlander to have huge ice floes coming up to her personal waterfront.

  2. Sukhdev Bedi says:

    Once again Mr.Chatrath you have done it. Amazing pictures of the icebergs.

  3. kamal K Joshi says:

    So interesting text with amazing photos! But I am unable to understand the presence of mosquitoes in extremely cold climate.


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