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“Lima, Peru” by K.J.S.Chatrath

Let us go to Lima. Well, I must tell you that  it is quite far away.

The flying time in the first leg of the journey is 9 hours  and the second leg is 12 hours 15 minutes- total 21 hours, 15 minutes. Yes this is the flying time. I had taken a cheaper flight which was Delhi-London-Madrid-Lima. It was cheaper but the flying time was longer. But let me assure my fifty+ friends that it is definately do- able. Of course on reaching Lima, one must keep one day free for rest and orientation.  In the alternative one can break the journey for say 3 days enroute, rest a little and take the  second flight to Lima. After my recent sad experience with KLM, I would advise my friends to avoid flying by KLM. Personally I would of course never, ever fly with KLM. On my way back from a great trip to Iceland and Greenland, they converted my 70 day old confirmed booking into to ‘still to be confirmed’ status at the time of checking in Amsterdam recently. Senior citizens  feel quite rattled if there is last minute uncertainity or hitch like this.

I had booked a trip “The Flight of the Condor” with The Adventure Company, UK ( It turned out to be an excellent decision as I found this Company to be really profession in its dealings and near perfect in its planning and execution of the trip. At the Lima airport I was welcomed by the Tour Director Ms. Nila J. Soto a charming Peruvian young lady who led the Group (there were about a dozen more participants) for the next two weeks. She turned out to be highly knowledgable, extremely helpful and caring and immaculate in her work.  She was really the best Tour Director that I had travelled with.

Now that we have reached Lima and rested, let us do a little sight seeing.

Peru has a population of around 29,400,000. Out of which a whopping 7,600,000 people stay in Lima, which is the capital and the largest city of Peru. There are two clear  seasons in Lima-summer from December to April and winter from May to November. Interestingly, it does not rain in Lima.


This is the oldest French building in Lima.


Yes, you can get your sketch made quite inexpensively. One of the best things about Peru is that it is not expensive. Whatever costs, say 3 euros in Europe, or 3 USD in USA, costs 3 sols (the local currency) in Peru. But then one USA dollar gets you 3 sols in exchange at the bank!


Lima and Cusco, besides many other towns in Peru are famous for their wonderful balconies.



Ticket counter for tourist bus.





Post & Telegraph office










And look what I found in this market? A poster of Shahrukh Khan Preeti Zinta film. Not that I am a fin of either of them, but being so far away from India, I felt a bit emotional.


And before ending, my photo a la Hitchcock

But much more on various places in Peru and the photographs will follow shortly.

Text, photographs  and copyright K.J.S.Chatrath

IMPORTANT: This website does not sell any hotel rooms/air tickets/packages/insurance cover etc.  It is intended only for providing information to the Fifty+/younger travellers and sharing of travel experiences. The above information is being shared only for the convenience of the readers who are advised to double check the information and satisfy themselves before taking any decision.

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