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Fiftyplus Tavellers-Beware of ‘Travel Traps”

I have the privilege to share with my fiftyplus friends some extracts from Ms. Namrita Dadwal’s excellent article    “How real are the discounts?” Sep 17, 2012. (

Extracts from the above article:

“Travel traps

Become very careful when to come across these words:

4-star or ‘similar’ hotel : Ask the agent to name all the hotels on his list. He may promise you a good room in a 3-star or 4-star hotel , but then give you a sorry room in a socalled ‘similar’ one.

Free stay: You may have a free room, but what about the taxes and other charges? Will all the meals be free too? Is the hotel easily accessible or will it charge you a bomb to use its transportation ?

Additional night free : This sounds tempting but is rarely available when you actually book the hotel . Also, food or taxes will not be free and you may have to pay for sundry charges like pool usage.

Limited offers : These are for a short duration during nonpeak season and you will have to pay extra if you deviate from the dates. Check that the validity lets you hunt for bargain air fares too.

Free pick-up or touristing : Free sightseeing or pick-up is on a seat-in-coach basis, and the seats get filled up fast. Though a guide may be free, you will have to pay the entry charges at the sites you visit.”

IMPORTANT: This website does not sell any hotel rooms/air tickets/packages/insurance cover etc.  It is intended only for providing information to the Fifty+/younger travellers and sharing of travel experiences. The above information is being shared only for the convenience of the readers who are advised to double check the information and satisfy themselves before taking any decision.

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