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‘A midnight boat ride around Ilulissat, Greenland’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

This is in continuation of an earlier post about Ilulissat, Greenland which I had put up a few weeks back (“Ilulissat, Arctic Circle, Greenland-the most beautiful place I have visited (till now)”-

However, while those photos were taken during the day time, the photos below were taken during a midnight cruise (Yes believe you me!) around Ilulissat which started at 10 pm and ended at around 12.45 past midnight. It was the middle of June and the sun set in that night only at 2.30 am to reappear again at around 4.oo am.


This was the boat which took us on the midnight cruise. At the end of the cruise, each of the participants was dropped at his/her respective hotel.p1370542-480-75


There is nothing to say or to explain….


Sheer beauty…


 Yes, incredible beauty…



During the short lived summer in Greenland, an amazing number of mosquitoes appear. I had been warned before hand and was fully prepared with this net-cap- funny looking but highly practical.

(Readers may also like to see another post on Greenland put up by me: “Looking at Greenland from an aircraft’s window”

Photos, text & copyright K.J.S.Chatrath

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