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‘Lunch in a simple restaurant in Mexico City’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

I am of the firm belief that Indian cooking is the best in the world. It is fashionable to talk about French food, american steaks, Thai, Greek and Japanese foods but those are far, far away from the variety and taste of Indian cooking. I may be ignorant of the finer points of the western cuisine, but frankly I feel their non-vegetarian dishes to be undercooked and absolutely  bland. No wonder I have serious problems when ever I go abroad.

But the recent trip to Mexico was happily different. I found the Mexican cooking to be close to Indian cooking- and that is the highest compliment that I can think of.

I was taking a leisurely walk in the streets around the modest hotel in Mexico City where I was staying that I found a lady making ‘rotis’ (chappatis) in a small roadside restaurant. I knew that the ‘tortilla’ in Mexican food is like the Indian ‘roti’, but watching that lady make the ‘tortillas’ in such a matter of fact way made me decide to try out the food in that restaurant. Tortillas are made of corn flour as well as wheat flour.



It was a simple, inexpensive place but neat and clean. After a bit of English and ‘dumb charading’ I ordered a meal. And here it is:


The vegetarian soup was a bit watery but hot and tasty.


It was interesting to watch a whole fish being stuffed with herbs and corn and then fried in front of me.


A small helping of fried rice was taken with green chilly, chopped onions and mint (pudina) chutney…OK…’salsa’


The sweat dish was a tiny bowl of jelly.


And when I thanked the lady and paid for the food I found a plastic bag full of red chillies at the counter!

Viva Mexico!

Photos, text & copyright K.J.S.Chatrath

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2 Responses to “‘Lunch in a simple restaurant in Mexico City’ by K.J.S.Chatrath”

  1. Sukhdev Bedi says:

    Indeed Mexicans are very similar to Punjabi’s in their robust looks.Their chapatis and pickles and chickpeas are all like us.They are also wheat eaters .I am reminded of Mexican food i tasted first time in Phoenix ( Arizona ) ,which has a good number of Mexican population.
    The write up is interesting.

  2. lavanya says:

    Nice article. I always wonder why we do not mass produce corn tortillas (in India) like in Mexico where they have tortilla factories. You can easily match them with Indian cuisine.

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