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‘A salute to Peru’s lady traffic police’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

I visited Peru some time back. I was to join a group trip to Machhu Pichhu.  At the Lima airport I was welcomed by the Tour Director Ms. Nila J. Soto (Nila J. Soto Santiago, Tour Manager & Official Tour Guide, English-Italian-Portugues;  cel. ++511999650951), a charming Peruvian young lady who led the Group (there were about a dozen more participants) for the next two weeks. She turned out to be highly knowledgeable, extremely helpful and caring and immaculate in her work.  She was really the best Tour Director that I had travelled with.

From the airport to the hotel journey took about an hour and I was half dozing having traveled for almost 24 hours. However there was something which caught my eye as we reached nearer to the town. I noticed tall smart uniformed lady police officers deftly handling the traffic.

I told Nila that there seemed to be lots of lady traffic cops. She smiled and nodded adding that about 80% of the traffic police personnel in Lima are women. As she was explaining this a lady cop riding a huge motor cycle stylishly thundered past our mini van.


 Looking deeper into this, I find a conscious but gradual move towards inducting police into traffic police during the last fifteen years or so. 1998.

By 1998, the Peruvian government took steps to improve the image of the police force. Government took a cue from the general perception that the Peruvian women were more honest than men and started inducting women into traffic police. By the end of 1998 around one fourth of Lima’s traffic cops were ladies. (*)

A World Bank Study in 2003 noted that the police had raised their institutional image, by changing from masculine to feminine personnel to control traffic; however, it added that the  feminine police were  not respected at all -many had been run over by drivers while doing their work and a few had died. (**)

A lady police officer in Cuzco.

Another 5 years later (March 2009) one was told that a nightmare was coming true for many macho motorists in the Peruvian capital as the entire traffic police force would soon be female. Since surveys show female officers in Lima are far stricter and — more importantly — less corrupt than males, they will be given complete control of the chaotic streets in the city of some 8 million inhabitants, the municipal traffic police had announced. recently.(***)

Smart, self-confident and no-nonsense.

These lady officers readily agreed to pose for a phot0. Thank you Officers.

And having been to Lima in the recent past, I can vouchsafe that the lady traffic cops are doing a great job. Bravo and a great salute to the ladies of the Peru traffic police!

This gentleman cop too happily posed for me. Thank you, Officer.


(*) Female cops cleaning up traffic chaos, police corruption , Herald Journal, august 29, 1998.,6396131-

(**) Integrating gender into World Bank financed transport programs- Case Study Peru Transport Rehabilitation Program, prepared by Maria Guitierrez, September 2003.


Photos, text & copyright K.J.S.Chatrath

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One Response to “‘A salute to Peru’s lady traffic police’ by K.J.S.Chatrath”

  1. Sukhdev Bedi says:

    Very encouraging to know that a small country like Peru has innovated to involve ladies in traffic police.India needs to take lesson.It is a good way to eradicate corruption.

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