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‘Celestial calm in Greenland’ by K.J.S.Chatrath



I took a flight from New Delhi to Amsterdam and from there a connecting flight to Reykjavik- the capital of Iceland. From Reykjavik’s domestic/old airport a two and a half hours flight brought me to Ilullisat- the most beautiful place that I have visited till now. I took a day boat trip from Ilullisat towards north of Greenland. The photos below were taken by me around 100 kms north of Ilullisat, Greenland.

I found a celestial calm in Greenland. Enjoy the photographs below and let me know what is your reaction to these photographs.









That is me at the beginning of the boat ride from Ilullisat.

My tour arrangements in Iceland as well as in Greenland were made by Ms. Surekha Datye of, Akuryeri, Iceland. I am  thankful to Ms. Surekha Datye and the Nonni Travels  for perfect tying up of all the possible details.


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Photos, text & copyright K.J.S.Chatrath

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