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‘Incredible India’ or ‘Incomparable India’?

I saw huge advertisements in the newspapers dated 20th December, 2011 announcing the launch of Clean India Campaign by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. It also had the slogan ‘Incredible India’ in english and ‘Atulya Bharat’ in hindi. The publicity done by the Department under this slogan has won appreciation both in side the country and abroad.

But I have a doubt here.  I think that the english and hindi words used in this slogan refer to different aspects so let me share it with you for your views and advice.

‘Incredible’ means something which is hard to believe. On the other hand the english meaning of ‘atulya’ would be ‘incomparable’ and not’ incredible.’ Is this translation just a matter of oversight by the  Ministry of Tourism or  am I just nitpicking on semantics….

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