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‘Greenland from air’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

Of all the places that I have visited, I find Greenland to be the most beautiful. The plane by which I went from Iceland to Greenland in June 2012 was a STOL or short take off and landing aircraft manufactured by Bombardier Corp. of Canada. This  small plane needs very short runway for taking off and landing.

P1370232 640 50

Once airborne and the ‘Please keep your seat belts on’ signs having been switched off, all the passengers rushed to be near the windows. The view from above was both stunning and remarkably balming. I felt as if I was moving towards heaven (some optimism!). Take a look at some of the photos taken by me with a fairly ordinary Panasonic camera:

P1370255 640 50

P1370283 640 50


P1370259 640 50


P1370294 640 66


P1370261 640 50

P1370331 640 50

P1370266 640 50

P1370246 640 50

Well, what do you say?

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