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‘Varanasi vignettes’ by Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu

varaEvery time I receive a new post from ‘Cutting Loose‘, I feel so humbled. And rightly so because the writer is none other than Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu. She looks at places and people from a new perspective, is an excellent photographer and writes so very well! And I am not going to mention that she writes for Lonely Planet besides being much in demand in travel and tourism related gatherings.

I received her blog ‘Varanasi Vignettes’ a few weeks back. At that time I was about to go to Varanasi for a short trip.  I decided not to read her blog and to see Varanasi from my eyes. Unfortunately, that trip of mine fell off. So I read the  article and realised what a mistake I would have made by not reading it before going to Varanasi! Take a look at the article yourself.

And by the way I was so enthused by reading ‘Varanasi Vignettes’ that I am going to Varanasi tomorrow.

Thank you Puneet.






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