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“Discovery”* of stunning murals at Jhanda Sahib Gurudwara in Dehradun- a curtain raiser………by K.J.S.Chatrath


The first time I passed through Dehradun town was in 1955 while going up to Mussoorie.  After that I have  crossed this town dozens of times, but last week, for the first time I stayed there for a a few nights. And it turned out to be so rewarding. The most memorable part of the stay was a visit to the Jhanda Sahib Gurudwara in the heart of the town. The doorway and some parts of the interiors are embelished with some quite amazing murals. The photo above is of one such mural.

These date back to around 1879  and are in a remarkably good condition. Look at the above mural. It shows Goddess Parvati holding Lord Ganesha as a child in her lap, She is shown wearing a crown. On the right side are two identical sketches of a sanyasi or a holy man. Sketch on the left shows a foreign soldier holding a gun.

Dehradun March 2016 076 640 50A series of detailed photo articles on these murals would follow on this website soon.


*Incidentally, the word ‘discovery’ is being used by me in the way the Europeans claimed to have ‘discovered’ the Americas, India and many other areas from 15th century onwards. These places were already there on earth but since the Europeans did not know about these, they claimed to have ‘discovered’ those. One does not know weather it was just poor use of English language or a bit of pompousness on their part which made them use the word ‘discovery’, but unfortunately the word did stick for quite some time. Anyway, let us let it rest here.



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