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‘Interested in visiting London/Edinburgh/Scotland/Ireland?’ – by K.J.S.Chatrath

Hello 50+ Travellers,

I have received the following mail from a co-traveller in one of the trips that I had joined. She is interested in visiting London, Scotland, Ireland etc. Can any one please advise her? She is at:

Thanks…………KJS Chatrath



“Dear Shri Charath, 

This is Vijaya Chauhan from Mumbai. We were together on Spiti—Kunnur trip with Isha Tours. 
This is to acknowledge that I receive your mails and enjoy the information you share so religiously. I also admire you for being so active on PC. I have now crossed 72—running towards 73 in sept. I recently travelled to Canadian Rockies and Alaska cruise which was a fun. 
I have two desires if I could do in near future. 
Visit London leisurely—spend a week or so, travel by road to lake dist area –visit scotland/irland and places like manchster/edinborough etc. 
I am aware this is perhaps too ambitious for my age–more over to get a company who would be interested in similar travel is not easy—-money is certainly a concern,  
I would however request you to keep this in mind and let me know if there is any such opportunity.
Hope you are fine, enjoying life with travels and fun. 
with regards, 
Vijaya. “

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