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‘Street art in Bogota, Colombia, Part-I’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

 During my travels around the world, I have come across street art in a number of cities. But what I saw in Bogota, Colombia last month surely surpasses all.

Some of its main characteristics are (i) It is very extensive. While there is an abundance of it  in some areas, its presence is nonetheless widespread.  (ii) The use of walls and buildings for such art is partly legitimate in Bogota. It is not so in most of the other towns where one finds street art. (iii) The pictorials have fairly clear political overtones and also bring out social issues. (iv) And lastly the art is of high quality and very vibrant colours are used.  

I took a few hundred photos. I would be sharing some of those with my readers in the present as well as in posts to follow:

Take a look:


Please click at the following link to access the photo article:

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