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‘Yes, India is on the move- thanks to the likes of Rohan Patnaik and Kiran Kumar’ …. by K.J.S.Chatrath

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Most of us crib about so many things and hold various people or agencies, including government, responsible for things going wrong. Take the ubiquitous tomato, for example. Everyone has been hollering about the high price of tomatoes, but but no one has done anything to understand the issues and find suitable solutions.

 Well, almost everyone. Let us meet two brilliant young men- both alumni from prestigious IITs & IIMs from India -Rohan Patnaik (sitting extreme left in the photo) and Kiran Kumar (in light cloured pant, standing next to Rohan). Their initiative, which they call LuvLush, is aimed at professionalizing the post harvesting supply chain which will help the producer and the end consumer. 

 ‘Outlook Business’, is bringing out a detailed article on this initiative in its issue due on 18th August, 2017.

Do take a look.

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