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‘Mysterious stone statues in the jungles of Colombia’ – by K.J.S.Chatrath


 Not all of us can spot Colombia in the world map without fumbling.

My interest in this country got kindled when I read, and saw some photos of hundreds of stone statues discovered in its southern jungles over a hundred years back.

So after handling some difficult logistical issues I did reach that spot in Colombia called St. Augustine around middle of June this year.

st augustine july 2017 040 - Copy 640 66Who built these statues, whose statues are they, why were these built and what happened to the people who built these? These are questions which have been subject matter of various theories and guesses but nothing definitive has been established except that these were, probably, built around 9th to 14th century A.D., that is before the invasion by the Spaniards  1n 1500s.

I would be sharing some of these theories and lots of photographs that I took in those jungles, on this website soon.

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