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“Learn about Indian art & culture from art historian Mr. Benoy. K. Behl”……….by K.J.S.Chatrath

India Habitat Center Concise Course


Travelling to various parts of India one looks for a backgrounder to understand the rich art of India. I attended a two day Intensive Course on Indian Art: History & Appreciation  held by Mr. Benoy K. Behl at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi in March 2017. I sat spell bound for two days as the course progressed. It helped me greatly in understanding diverse aspects of Indian art.

Now, I have been informed by Mr. Behl that he is doing a repeat course on 17th & 18th December.

I would recommend this Course to all my friends- Fifty Plus, as well as the younger ones. It is open to all and being a member of the IHC is not a pre-requisite.

May I add that Mr. Behl, in  association with ‘The Hindu’, Chennai has brought out a two volumed book on ‘The Art of India’ ( ations/). Since I have not yet seen the book, more about it later. However on the basis of my two day listening to him earlier I have no doubt that it would be, to use a hackneyed term, treasure trove for art lovers.

Keep travelling.

Regards……………………KJS Chatrath



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